End of the World Becomes Marketing Tool

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December 20, 2012 by maborlleile

The end of the world is supposed to be on the 21st of December of 2012 according to the mayans. While a piece of the population actually believes that we are all going to die, most of us are just carrying on with our day. Some are even using this as a business technique. One such business is Jello Pudding. I just saw a commercial while watching ESPN for the delicious pudding with a spin on the end of the world.

The commercial is based on the mayans way of sacrificing to their gods. In the commercial, the company explains that the old sacrifices, such as food, was a bad gift. Instead, you see travelers going through he rainforest and head up to the top of a mayan temple, and leave a crate of pudding at the top as a gift to the gods.

I want to see more companies doing this. It is all about connecting with your consumers. More businesses need to use relative situations in their advertisements. With mainstream commercial becoming less mainstream and just more of a waste of money, the few commercials that a small company will release should definitely become more advertainment  for the audience. Consumers are constantly being smacked in the face with boring advertisements. If your are going to advertise your product to them, at least make them enjoy the advertisement. When I saw this commercial, I was entertained and honestly wanted to go get me some pudding. The commercial also left you with something unexplained. Will the pudding be enough to save the world? I can now expect to see another commercial airing on the 21st to show that the mayan gods are pleased with this sacrifice and are going to spare us.

Tell me what you think about this commercial and the future of TV advertisements and the way they are communicating with consumers.


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