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December 13, 2012 by maborlleile

Already having a solid fan base in South Germany, which he was stationed for five years in the military, Caldwell “Hoodwink” Jackson definitely has a future in the Hip-Hop industry. With a pretty successful single 93 Supreme steadily obtaining more and more views, it is only a matter of time before labels


and other bloggers start looking at Hoodwink and his hard working LiveSquared crew. One of the best qualities of the South Carolina homegrown is his skill at storytelling. The first song on Falling Upwards, his newly released album can back up this statement. The song is called R.E.MIt is about Hoodwink smoking blunts with F.D.R, Edison, and Ghandi. At the release party, Caldwell actually told me that the song was basedon a dream he had. He thought that the dream was so bizarre that the had to write asong about it.

Live Squared Wood Grinders

With a good mindset that is dedicated to making quality music that can send a good message, followed with a unique sound, Hoodwink is not leaving anytime soon. Make sure to check out his newalbum, Falling Upwards, on Datpiff.com. Also make sure to look him up on Facebook. Check out livesquared.com. Here you can see the other artiststhat work with L2 and Caldwell.You can even purchase L2grinders, which is perfect for all you “tobacco” smokers out there.


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