Sleeping Dogs Review


November 11, 2012 by maborlleile

If you enjoy Grand Theft Auto and the True Crime games, then you will definitely enjoy Sleeping Dogs. This story evolves around the triads in Hong Kong, and you are an undercover cop that is trying to take them down. You join their ranks and play both sides of the crime world.

The gameplay is based on an open-world style. There is a lot of ground to cover and you are free to go wherever you want. The combat is based on hand-to-hand combat and firearms. The actual fighting is where the game shines. You can put together great combos and learn more moves as the game goes on. Throughout the game, you can find collectibles to trade in for more combos. The gun fighting is also smooth, but it feels like there is that many to choose from.

There are also many different vehicles to choose from. You can be in a motorcycle, car, or both. All three of these types have many different options to choose from. There is street racing in the game so there are a few vehicles that have extraordinary performance.

This game does keep you busy. Aside from the main story missions, you have many different tasks to complete. You can undergo drug busts, which also involves a number mini game. You can join in

on street races, which are never very difficult. You can also get in to fights, whether you are in the ring, or if you have a cock. That is right, you can even bet in on chicken fights. It is pretty random, but is a nice little touch.

I would definitely encourage checking out Sleeping Dogs. It shall keep you entertained for a while.


2 thoughts on “Sleeping Dogs Review

  1. Karl Weller says:

    I’ve recently received my Platinum trophy for Sleeping Dogs *shamless boast*, and I have to admit that the only problem is the longevity of the story. Once its done there is very little for you to do. Other than restart from scratch….which isn’t a bad idea? Great review.

    • maborlleile says:

      I agree with you on the length of the story. However, the game actually took me like a month to beat it. I played all the side missions that I could so that way I could get most out of the game. The game would have been much better with a longer storyline.

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