Music Streaming Sites Brings In Nice Income For Artists

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October 18, 2012 by maborlleile

With revenue from sales declining each year for musicians. Finding new ways of tapping into profit is becoming a challenge. Technology has allowed to piracy to reach a whole new level. According to the RAA website(, piracy has taken over 12 billion dollars from the entertainment industry, and that is just music. So if album sales just aren’t cutting it anymore, where do musicians go to put s

ome coin in their pocket?

One of the many answers is music streaming sites. Sit

es such as Pandora ha

ve been making pretty good returns for popular artists. French Montana, a rapper who hasn’t even released an album yet, will be making over $100,000

in 2012 from streaming his music on the site. These numbers get even bigger when big names are put into the picture. Young Money’s Drake and Lil Wayne should be expecting close to $3 million dollars from releasing their music on Pandora.

This is good news for independent artists trying to find new ways of making a living off of their craft. If you are a musician and you believe that you have a solid fan base, jump on over to music streaming sites such as Pandora and Spotify and join in on the streaming cash flow.

Check out and see their article on this subject :

Drake and Lil Wayne Will Each Make $3 Million off Pandora this Year


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