Lonely Chills

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October 8, 2012 by maborlleile

Have you ever been alone for a little while and thought you were going crazy? That usually happens to me after a day or two. I can’t imagine, however, to be completely alone for about 2 months. I give kudos to Felicity Aston. She is the first woman to ever cross Antartica solo. Being alone for so long can really have its toll on the mind. When in extreme weather conditions, like the freezing temperatures in Antartica, it can be pretty hard not to completely freak out. Felicity actually started to talking to the sun as if it were her only friend. ” This developed me into having full-blown conversations with the sun in my mind. Not only does she not have anyone to talk to, she has no one to look out for her. ” If you’re alone, you have to make sure that if something goes wrong, you will be able to get yourself out of it”. Aston stated. Congratulations to Felicity for being the first woman to cross Antartica alone. You have to have an amazingly strong body and mind to be able to achieve something of this caliber.

If you want to see the YouTube video that Felicity recorded after finishing her journey, click here:

For the full article on CNN, click here:

First woman to cross Antartica solo


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