Politics and Social Media


September 7, 2012 by maborlleile

The digital age has undoubtedly altered the way that the masses receive information. When young adults wanted to get information on both national and international levels, they would turn on the tv and watch the news. With programs with Facebook and Twitter, the mass youth is receiving more information than eer before. However, it this a good thing?

With over 165 million Americans logged into Facebook, this is a great tool for politicians. Instead of having to tap into the voter’s heads through a 30 second tv spot, now political views can be seen in seconds through one picture. This is also very effective. The mass youth is heavily influenced by what they see on social media platforms. Users also react very emotionally when they see shocking pictures and take sides based off instant emotional reactions. This is a power tool for politics. Why would they waste their time giving hour long speeches in every speech spanning over a year when they can just put a picture out, write a little caption that is either angering or sad, and reach millions within minutes. It seems whoever tech-savvy may have a huge advantage. For example, a co-founder of Facebook, Chris Hughes, was the online organizer for Obama’s campaign. This man has access and say to what is being put on the country’s most popular website. With a little bit of money added into the picture, all a 18 year old college student is going to see is “pro-bama” pictures and articles. This site may have chosen our President.

Now I am not saying that social media, or politicians, are the ones to blame. It is the way we use it that needs to be changed. Our parents, the baby boomers, may have been some of the most info-hungry citizens out there. They had access to technology, but not enough technology to where they didn’t have to actually listen and pay attention to the information given. They would turn on the news, or read a newspaper, and get in-depth information on what was going on. With social media today, we get quadrupled the amount of info, but know little about what we are reading. However, we have no problem taking sides on these issues with which we know nothing about. Our generation has traded quantity of information over quality of information. Lets bring back the balance and take a side that we truly both understand and believe in.




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