Lil Wayne- Dedication 4

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September 5, 2012 by maborlleile

I have been eager for another mix-tape project by Lil Wayne to hit the streets and when I heard about the upcoming release of Dedication 4, I was too excited for words. In my opinion, Lil Wayne’s best music has been coming from his mix-tapes, especially No Ceilings. That mix-tape was amazing. The Ice Cream Paint Job, Poker Face, Oh Lets Do It, covers  and more were all awesome. I was so hyped for Dedication 4  so much that my friends got annoyed with me. The tape has officially dropped and I am very disappointed with what was being presented to me. The track-list seems very promising. In the past year there have been many smash instrumentals to hit the light of day so there is definitely promise for some decent covers. Two, which are my favorite beats, are No Lie and Mercy, were included in this list. No Lie, which was online before the rest of the tape, was the first of my disappointment. Now I was already annoyed with the original 2 Chainz version, so I was ready to hear a skilled veteran to take it to another level. The whole song, which I found out later is true about most of the tape, is just about drugs and sex. Now I know that is what a lot of songs these days are about, but when you have this much hype for your next project, you got to have something more say. For the Mercy cover, Nicki Minaj tagged along for the ride with Wayne. For the most part, her verse wasn’t that bad, but then out of nowhere she gave a quick political allegiance, saying that ” Im a republican voting for Mitt Romney, you lazy bitches fucking up the economy”. Many actually believe that this in fact is a mocking of Romney and she is stating that he will ruin the economy. I was very surprised to see a direct mention of political candidates in this mix-tape. I was surprised that no one put the caution tape up while in production. Perhaps they thought that any controversy would be a good thing. Either way, if I was Romney I would be very concerned. If I was running for presidency, I would not want my name associated with any project that involves some of the crude content like the such on this piece. No matter which side this was for, they can also use this as a secret advantage because they know that a good chunk of the mass youth listen to Nicki Minaj. My favorite song on the whole tape is Green Ranger and that isn’t even for Lil Wayne. J. Cole, the featured artist on the track, killed his verse. His one verse, in my opinion, was better than the whole tape. He had great flow and sound very unique. He should use this as a verse for his next mix-tape. Then Lil Wayne comes in, states he doesn’t even like the beat, but continues his verse. Overall, this mix-tape managed to reach double platinum even though most reviews were not positive (“Dedication 4,” 29012).  It seems that many people hit the download before they even listened to one track. Dedication 4 to me was very disappointed to me. Mix-tape Wayne in the past has been amazing but this one seemed to fall short. Let’s just see if the TrukFit monster can redeem himself with his future projects.

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