Promotion for Big Sean’s “Detroit” Mixtape

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August 29, 2012 by maborlleile

G.O.O.D Music is definitely doing their part in representing and promoting their star, Big Sean. With his upcoming mix tape “Detroit” coming out soon,  the label seems to be wasting no time in getting the word our. There has been two viral videos to promote the mix tape. Usually it is full albums that receive this kind of promotion. One video is Big Sean sitting in a dark room with a giant snake around his neck. He doesn’t say anything but the instrumental in the background and the flashing lights make this a very weird, creative, and nice little advertisement. I was very impressed with the other video. This took place in the form of a music video. What was intriguing about this particular piece was that Sean made a verse that may have included the whole entire mix tape track list. It doesn’t specifically say this but the verse emphasizes some of the words with pictures and affiliations at the bottom of the pictures. Whoever came up with the concept, thumbs up to you. I am  looking forward for this tape. Make sure to support Sean by downloading “Detroit” September 5

Here are the two links for the “Detroit” mix tape:

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