Hopsin- ILL Mind of Hopsin 5

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August 28, 2012 by maborlleile

I give much respect to Hopsin. Its a rare thing to see an artist really put themselves out there and talk about real topics like the ones in this song. This is my favorite “Ill Mind of Hopsin” installment. He touched so many issues that is going on with the younger generation. It feels like I lose some brain cells by hearing some songs and it is songs like these that help me regenerate them. The video concept is great. It really shows what actually goes on when most kids hang with friends; sit in a room for hours and get messed up. I was surprised when I saw the part with the pregnant girl. But he is right ladies. Most of you all say you want the nice guy but always stick with the jerks. Make up your mind.

Here is the link for Hopsin’s- ILL Mind of Hopsin 5

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