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August 14, 2012 by maborlleile

Hype Williams directed the new video for DJ Khaled’s, Kanye West’s, and Rick Ross’ “I Wish You Would”. Kanye West’s part was awesome. The editing in the video made him look like a mysterious character. His body for the most part was blackened out while his eyes were made bright white to make it look like he was a ghost staring at the camera. Rick Ross seemed to be enjoying himself; shaking his head uncontrollably basically throughout his whole entire verse. There was just one feature that became annoying as the video was playing. The “shaking camera” effect basically stayed on for the whole entire video. I was getting a migraine just from watching it. What made it worse was that  the”Way To Cold” verse that was included at the end used the exact same effect. It is cool for about 30 seconds but then it just feels repeated and drowned out.


Here is the link to the video:




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